About Us

Raymond & Tamar Reilly with super rescue dog Zen
Raymond & Tamar Reilly with super rescue dog Zen

Raymond and Tamar Reilly established Perpetual Images, Inc. in 1992 and has remained on the cutting edge of constantly advancing video and graphic technologies.  This strategy not only allows us to keep pace with industrial and market developments for broadcast programming, public relations campaigns and promotional/educational pieces, but also to build expertise with a wide range of production techniques and formats.  These unique skill sets are particularly useful to cost-effectively bridge traditional and new media practices and if you have video properties which are in outdated formats or need to be converted for international purposes.


Adobe Premier & FCP Editor/Motion Graphics/Audio Engineer/Colorist/Videographer/Photographer/Producer/Director – Southern California

Are you looking for dedicated and creative editors at a reasonable price?

Experienced filmmakers with 3 edit bays. Can handle any Format: 4k, Ultra HD, ¾, Beta, Digi Beta, MiniDV, DVCAM, Digital 8, Hi-8, Super 8, 8mm, VHS, Slides)

Over 25 years experience, offering a wide range of skills from concept to completion. Live events to feature films, shorts, movie trailers, commercials, corporate videos, educational videos, industrial products, television series, broadcast documentaries and much more. Analog to digital archiving is our specialty.

We have a talent for solving the impossible.


  • Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, FCPX,  FCP7
  • Motion, After Effects
  • Color correcting, grading & audio engineering
  • Photoshop
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Compression & online delivery
  • Black Magic Teranex deck for converting SD to 4k standards

We want to be your multi-talented, full-service production and/or post production professionals. Editing is our passion and we’re available to edit any project, big or small. Let us know how we can help make your vision become reality.


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